Olaf - on tour in Central Asia 🏔 - part 2
04. Oct 2023

Olaf - on tour in Central Asia 🏔 - part 2

Olaf, nature, unfamiliar animals - unforgettable impressions ...
It was an exciting trip for Olaf - his tour to Almaty, the capital of Kazakhstan. There was a lot to explore, many wonderful places to visit, unforgettable experiences to pack, completely new impressions to collect. And although he and his family have meanwhile returned safely back in Germany, he was very eager to report about his trip …

Olaf ventures onto the ice ...
Olaf was extremely impressed from the speed highest skating and bandy rink in the world, Medeu. It was incomparable and breathtaking to enjoy the beautiful nature in the highlands of Almaty on skates. Perfect sunrays, pleasant pressure conditions, mild winds as well as the unique composition of the ice from the clear mountain water of the river Malaya Almatinka, make this rink so unique, all allowing this high sliding speed. But overall Olaf found the nature around Almaty incredibly fascinating, in the Turgen Canyon within the National Park Ile-Alatau, he swam in clear mountain water racing with trouts. In the botanical garden, he made friends with squirrels and admired more than 6,500 different plants being characteristic for Russia, the Caucasus, East Asia and North America on approx. 104 hectares.

There was also an orangery, a tropical section and several greenhouses, in which scientific research is conducted as well as rare plants cultivated and are therefore not open to the public. Our unremitting traveler really enjoyed exploring unfamiliar nature, so he was eager not to miss a single walk in the park for culture and leisure. The park is home to more than 2,000 species of plants and a lot of fun with rides, aqua park, dolphinarium and zoo. It was a great place to stay. At the end of his trip, Olaf was very lucky and was allowed to visit the international circus festival that was just taking place in Almaty. One or two of the performances by the world's best circus artists from 15 countries left literally took his breath away. It was great, impressive, overwhelming - suddenly Olaf understood what "break your limits" means - to face challenges, to overcome hurdles, to conquer new horizons.

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