Olaf is ready to conquer new horizons!
01. Dec 2021

Olaf is ready to conquer new horizons!

He is absolutely ready to get started!!
It is really darned with the wind ... Patience is now required, patience until the winds are right ... Olaf has already secured the best place. You never know - he is prepared in case it should suddenly get going. Meanwhile, he watches Paula passing her time. And there is a lot to learn and to see ...

Get through downturns! Move forward despite everything!
Sometimes things don't go as planned. The trick is to make the best of it! Paula is in the process of learning just that - taking the situation as it is and simply working with what is available. She has experienced so many new things - climbed a volcano, baked her first own bread, seen many colorful fish and even a shark during her first snorkellingšŸ˜‰!!! Above all, she has learned an infinite number of new things about sailing.

For all those who are now eager to experience adventure and who want to quench their wild thirst for knowledge, we have a very special tip - make the most of the time! Seize your chance and bring yourself up to date with the latest knowledge, find your way to successful, optimal component design. Develop an in-depth understanding of polymer physics processes and the complex interactions of phenomena during injection molding, regardless of your scientific background knowledge. Looking into the platform plasticsYOU is worth the while !!!

The most complex relationships and mechanisms of the physical processes of thermal processes are explained with simple words and a minimum of mathematics - understandable for everyone.

Addressed are those who want to refine their expertise, engineers who design molds, mold manufacturers, injection molders, project managers who are responsible for the development of molds, R/E engineers who are interested in injection molding, technical engineers who are interested in the weaknesses and strengths of the process or material engineers or designers who want to deepen their knowledge about suitable materials.

Don't hesitate, conquer new horizons for yourself and get crafty at www.plasticsYOU.com !!!

Break your limits. Right now.


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