PPU Licenses
06. Sep 2023

PPU Licenses


Are you looking for an affordable license based on the simulation hours you need? Then our PPU license is exactly the right thing for you.

PPU stands for Pay Per Use - this means that you only pay for the times in which a simulation runs with Moldex3D. The time for the preparation of the simulation and for the evaluation is not charged. At the beginning the simulation hours have to be charged with the so called MSU (Moldex3D Service Unit). I.d.R. 100 MSU are delivered with one file. 100 MSU correspond approximately to 100 simulation hours. When the MSU are used up, they can easily be recharged. This means you only pay for the simulation hours you really need. The only thing to note is that the file with the MSUs must be read in within 2 weeks of creation and that the MSUs expire after one year.

Gladly we inform you in detail about the Moldex3D PPU licenses. Please contact: 0241 565 276-0 or send an email to sales@simpatec.com..


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