RTM with Moldex3D
27. Jul 2022

RTM with Moldex3D


Manufacturing products with short cycle times in a largely automated manner is a well-known challenge. Especially when the manufactured components must have a high-quality, paintable surface, as well as high strength. The Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) - process is a proven process that can be conveniently designed and optimized with Moldex3D.

In the RTM process, a reactive resin-hardener mixture is injected under pressure into the cavity of the mold to completely impregnate the fiber mats inserted there. The resin reacts in the cavity of the mold under temperature and pressure to form a thermoset plastic. By using release agents, the RTM component can be demolded from the mold more easily.

The RTM module in Moldex3D is able to provide significantly more accurate results than the 2D based solutions on the market due to its 3-dimensional non-isothermal calculation settings taking into account the respective shear effects. It is suitable for analyses of simulations with complex geometries, different fiber mats and orientations. Especially in the upcoming version of Moldex3D, advanced capabilities such as pressure or flow rate control, use of different fiber material models as well as consideration of anisotropic permeability will be possible. In the current version of Moldex3D novel processes like CRTM can be simulated.

Furthermore, it is possible to calculate the draping of the fiber mats in a structural mechanics CAE software such as LS-DYNA and to import the result into Moldex3D in order to take draping effects into account. The entire modeling of the RTM process can then be realized completely in Moldex3D-Studio in a user-friendly way.

Due to the ability to position fiber mats differently, the simulation helps you to shorten the manufacturing time and at the same time to increase the stiffness of your composite parts, as well as to reduce the costs of your project.

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