Saving time and effort – with Moldex3D Studio API and its automated processes
26. Apr 2023

Saving time and effort – with Moldex3D Studio API and its automated processes


Moldex3D API provides users with a very modern and easy-to-use Python code that can be used to create individual simulation workflows and automate processes without having to do any programming yourself.

The Moldex3D simulation software provides support in all phases of injection molding production, from product development to troubleshooting in mass production. This assistance offers significant benefits for product manufacturing - from cost savings to greenhouse gas emission reductions. However, there are many variables to consider when running process simulations, such as tool design, material selection, process parameter setting, calculation parameter setting, etc. Adjusting these variables in injection molding simulation can require additional work even for experts. The integrated Python code in Moldex3D Studio-API takes care of this task quickly and easily for the designer - less human effort - more productive results.

A practical example is the Design of Experiments (DoE). Using Moldex3D Studio API the user can quickly and efficiently code the selection of designs, process parameters and target variables available in the powerful DoE module and optimally adjust variables. This allows users to easily create specific simulation sequences, solve design problems or optimize critical process parameters. Furthermore, API offers the possibility to integrate all necessary functions of Moldex3D in a dedicated working environment to also automate process optimization and save time and resources.
The user has access to a detailed, comprehensive API documentation including numerous examples, which guarantee a fast and easy access to all Moldex3D functionalities.

Don't feel like programming? For more information, feel free to contact us. Our experts will find the most suitable solution for your request.

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