SpotON with focus on "energy efficiency" 😊
26. Apr 2023

SpotON with focus on "energy efficiency" 😊

Saving energy, increasing efficiency ...
The focus of our May SpotOn will be set on facts evolving around "energy efficiency" in the plastics industry. Amongst others, we would like to take a closer look at current statuses, possibilities and options regarding aspects such as sustainability, conscious use and handling of resources, innovative cooling methods, insulation, optimization, etc., and discuss them with you. Bring yourself up to date and register now for our SpotON "Energy down - Efficiency up!" on May 11, 2023 at 4 p.m.!

Rethinking traditional ways means discovering new potentials. The question of an environmentally friendly, sustainable product development and a prudent, future-oriented use of resources is omnipresent in the plastics industry. A conscious use of resources determines the industry - not only stimulates reflection but also requires active action. We would like to use the opportunity within this SpotON to inform you about possibilities and perspectives of an energy-efficient production of plastic components.

We are eagerly looking forward to our guest speaker __ Juri Müller, Ingenieurbüro Müller, who presents convincing facts on the subject of energy efficiency through correct temperature control in the plastics industry. Furthermore, we welcome __ Jovce Blazevski, Sales Account Manager Austria Sales Group Plastic & QMC BU Connectors & Fluid Connectors at Stäubli Tec-Systems GmbH, an expert for modern, highly sufficient cooling methods to our SpotON. Our __ Marc Kurz, Managing Director of SimpaTec, will explain options, possibilities and necessities of using state-of-the-art CAE simulation tools in order to be able to implement sustainable product development that protects resources and the environment.

Bring yourself up to date on the topic of energy efficiency within plastics industry. Register now for our – SpotON!

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