Smart postioning of injection points
23. Nov 2022

Smart postioning of injection points


The correct and well thought-thorugh positioning of injection points plays a particularly relevant role in avoiding problems such as free jets, air traps, sink marks, flow marks, weld lines, etc. on a component. Moldex3D offers different approaches to determine the best possible injection points.

The position of the injection points has a decisive influence on the position of weld lines, the packing pressure effect and thus the shrinkage, as well as the fiber distribution and orientation when using fiber-reinforced materials. The position of the gating points thus has an effect on the component properties such as firmness.
In order to determine the optimum position for gating a component, Moldex3D offers various methods of position determination, which differ in effort and accuracy. First indications for an ideal position is the wall thickness that is displayed and the ratio of flow path length to wall thickness (L/t ratio). Depending on the material application, Moldex3D recommends an adequate L/t-ratio. Whilst already being in the modeling process step the course of the melt front is displayed and thus the position of the resulting weld lines is estimated.

A specific positioning can be identifified by the Moldex3D gate positioning wizard, which automatically determines an ideal position based on the aforementioned parameters. Based on this information, it is recommended to perform a quick-flow.-analysis for a fast evaluation of weld lines and air traps.

The combination of these tools offers a quick estimation of suitable gating positions and leads to an optimization of the component properties which should not be underestimated.

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