Solving complex processes in 'a blink of an eye'
26. Jul 2023

Solving complex processes in 'a blink of an eye'


In the current release Moldex3D 2023 even more comprehensive in-depth and detailed simulation options have been developed and implemented. Users benefit from enormously time saving enhancements, more accurate analysis features, faster calculation times, liberating automated workflows, team-compatible data management tools as well as high-end process prediction capabilities and functionalities – all of which seamlessly turn simulation into reality.

Precision for composite materials
The intensive development effort in Moldex3D 2023, which was invested in new features, functionalities and optimizations in terms of RTM and SMC, has definitely paid off. For example, for the increasing number of applications with continuous fiber-reinforced materials, the new release now also supports the file formats LS-DYNA or Abaqus and thus enables even more accurate simulation results when calculating multilayer composites.

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