Successfully mastering thermal challenges in hot runners!
26. Jul 2023

Successfully mastering thermal challenges in hot runners!


Hot runner solutions have been utilized in various plastic injection molded products. To understand the importance of hot runner controls, it's necessary to know how the temperature is actually regulated, what the process implications are, and what constraints there are on mold design. The Moldex3D AHR module provides simulation tools for designers to obtain critical information in hot runner molding.

Hot runner molds bring advantages including material and energy cost savings and shorter cycle times. However, the applications of hot runner systems are comparatively more complex and commonly face the challenge of elaborate temperature control and the risk of thermal degradation of plastic materials.
Moldex3D Advanced Hot Runner (AHR) can perform analysis to evaluate temperature, pressure drop, heater control, efficiency of heat exerted by the heating coils in the mold, and a lot more information. Contact areas to the mold where heat can escape from the hot runner system can be defined using additional thermal boundary conditions. The heating elements can be controlled via sensor nodes so that a defined temperature is maintained at a specified point.

In order to consider the heat transfer in more detail the Advanced Hotrunner module can be used. This module enables all components of the hot runner system to be taken into account in the simulation model as well as the contact surfaces to the surrounding mold block to be defined via boundary conditions.
The results of the simulation can be used to analyze the temperature distribution in the entire hot runner system and thus support the respective question.

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