SpotON "Proven technologies newly contemplated!"
21. Feb 2024

SpotON "Proven technologies newly contemplated!"

Titled "Proven technologies newly contemplated!", we are focusing our spotlight on special manufacturing processes in the plastics industry. You can look forward to a new perspective on manufacturing processes such as water or gas injection, chemical or physical foaming, thermoforming, etc., with a special focus on forward-looking topics such as sustainability, conscious use and handling of resources and optimization.

In order to shed light on the topic from different angles renowned experts will also be on board. We would like to thank __ Bernd Herzog and Savas Özel from PME-fluidtec GmbH, __ Harald Heitkamp, HeiQ - Heitkamp Kunststofftechnik, __ Jan Wolters, IKV Aachen and __ Philip Koch, Hahn-Schickard, for their active support and the vivid, specific examples that offer new insights and perspectives for the realization of high-quality manufacturing processes. We are also particularly looking forward to the contribution of our new colleague, __ Dr. Michael Bosse, Technical Sales, SimpaTec GmbH, who will be taking a closer look at some manufacturing processes using simulation technology.

The digital event will be moderated by Florian Aichberger, Managing Director, SimpaTec Austria. During the entire event it is possible to ask questions, the most important chat questions will be answered in the discussion round at the end of the SpotON.

The langauge of this SpotON will be German.

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