Solution Add-on

Innovative add-on modules to optimize specific process or material specific requirements

Additional analysis and optimization options

The modular structure of the Moldex3D software package can be adapted to the individual needs and requirements of the product range of injection molding.

Extended modules additionally offer the user extensive and in-depth scope of applications for analysis, optimization, problem identification and solution of molded parts and tool designs or even special manufacturing processes. Amongst others, calculations of fiber orientation, deformation of the cavity, curing process and the delay of reactive molding materials such as thermosets and elastomers or the modeling of multi-component systems are possible.

CAD Integration

Integrated CAD data transfer, adaptation to the requirements of a detailed injection molding analysis.

Reinforced plastics

Short- and long-fiber reinforced plastics, linear FEM simulation, interfaces for structural analysis.


Automatic iteration steps for the optimized process using DOE.


Illustration of spatial optical anisotropies and analysis of viscous and elastic properties of polymeric materials.

Special Procedures

Problem identification and solution of molded components and tool design or special manufacturing processes.