Advanced WARPAGE analysis
22. Jun 2022

Advanced WARPAGE analysis


In the injection molding industry, filling technology has been widely used in recent years to predict the main causes of shrinkage and warpage. Based on the results of warpage analysis, plastic injection molders can virtually implement both preventive measures and corrections and then validate them, guaranteeing dimensional and assembly accuracy of the product.

Moldex3D Warp calculates the geometric change of the component based on the specific pvT behavior of the material. To analyze distortion, stress and the shrinkage behavior, all effects from the previous process phases are considered. Causes for distortion, thermal distortion components as well as influencing factors based on fiber orientation (with the fiber module) are determined and thus component distortions are optimized.

Due to the Moldex3D warpage analysis, injection molders can take corrective actions even before the start of production and avoid unnecessary iterations and failed trials. We would be happy to inform you about further details.

We gladly inform you about further details.
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