Create 3D geometry from line-based gating channels
29. Jun 2022

Create 3D geometry from line-based gating channels


You have designed the gating system using the injection molding simulation in Moldex3D and now want to incorporate the design into the CAD data of the mold? As of Moldex3D 2022 a new function is available in Studio for this purpose, which converts line-based gating channels into 3D geometries. Find out more in our article …

Injection molding simulations are often used during the concept and design phase to optimally design and balance the gating system. The line-based modeling of the cooling channel and hot runner system and the associated wizards enable rapid design of the gating system in Studio. Additionally, geometry changes can be made directly within Studio during the optimization loops by modifying the parameters in the attribute settings. In order to further process the geometry of the line-based gating system from Moldex3D in the CAD program, it was previously necessary to manually reconstruct the gating system in the CAD software using the centerlines and information such as cross-section type and diameter.

As of Moldex3D version 2022 it is now possible in Studio to use the "channel polyfaces" function to automatically derive a 3D body from line-based geometries, which can then be exported in step format, for example, and imported into the CAD program. The function can also be used for line-based cooling systems to make mold design even more efficient.


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