Fast determination of gating positions with Moldex3D API
12. Jul 2023

Fast determination of gating positions with Moldex3D API


The correct detemination of the gate positions is essential in order to achieve a high-quality end product in the injection molding. By using the Moldex3D simulation software the traditionally experience-based selection of the gate position can be digitalized. Additionally, when using the Moldex3D API module the entire process can be automated without having to do any programming yourself. The integrated Python scripting language in API makes it very easy and quick for the designer - less human effort - more productive results.

In the early development phase of a new product defining the appropriate gate position for the part is crucial. This not only affects the mold design, but also important parameters such as, for example, melt flow behavior, weld line positions, air inclusions and fiber orientation, which directly affect the dimensional quality and mechanical properties of the component. Therefore, during the design phase it is already important to digitize the process with Moldex3D in order to improve the efficiency right from the start and thereby also reduce 'trial and errors'. Specific simulation runs can be created easily, design problems can be solved or critical process parameters can be optimized - saving time and resources. Furthermore, API offers the possibility to integrate all necessary functions of Moldex3D in a dedicated working environment to automate process optimization and save time and resources.

In the shown example of a drilling machine housing the Moldex3D user only has to select the desired gate position, the rest of the process can be fully automated by Python scripts. This process includes mesh generation, material import, selection of process parameters and as well as the automatic execution of the corresponding simulations. Subsequently, an automated simulation report can be generated based on individual needs. This allows engineers to objectively analyze the advantages and disadvantages of different gating positions and ultimately decide on the best possible solution.

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