Gas assisted injection molding (GAIM)
13. Apr 2022

Gas assisted injection molding (GAIM)


Do you need meaningful criteria to precisely assess and optimize the quality of injection molded components? Look no further! The gas injection molding process is exactly what you need!
The GAIM module from Moldex3D offers the possibility to simulate this fluid injection process. Thus, time-consuming experiments as well as material and manufacturing costs can be reduced and the processes can be optimally designed.

Gas assisted injection molding (GAIM) is fluid injection technology based. Here, just like in the conventional injection molding process, the molded part cavity is first filled completely or partially and then either gas (GAIM) or water (WAIM) is injected as a fluid. Moldex3D enables the simulation of the entire process from starting with the filling of the mold as a first step and then followed by injecting the fluid (2nd phase). In the second phase, the fluid displaces the polymer melt and creates a cavity in the molded part. One of the effects is the resulting wall thickness distribution. This enables to determine possible material and weight reduction and also allows the geometries to be exported for a structural-mechanical simulation. Furthermore, beneficial effects on the process (cooling times) and the warpage of the component can be analyzed in detail.

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