How accurate can simulations be?
09. May 2022

How accurate can simulations be?

The gap between the physical and the virtual world is getting smaller and smaller.

Every simulation can only be as accurate as the model with which we try to represent reality. Since it will always remain only a model, there will always be discrepancies between the physical and the virtual world. The more accurate our models become, the smaller this gap will be.

Maximillian Mizelli, from the Johannes Kepler Univerity, takes up this issue in his bachelor thesis and currently examines how this gap can be further reduced. SimpaTec is more than happy to support him with this task. With Moldex3D and the machine characterization it is possible to determine the individual behavior of the injection molding machine and also to consider it during the simulation.

Machine characterization is indispensable, especially when production needs to run as smoothly as possible. While the production is running, one can check whether the mold will run smoothly on the machine and how one needs to optimize the settings. It may even be necessary to produce on a different injection molding machine.


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