Time to reach ejection temperature
11. May 2022

Time to reach ejection temperature


Are you looking to improve your production and increase the number of parts produced while maintaining optimal part quality? Moldex3D offers several tools to optimize your cycle time while guaranteeing a good manufacturing process without degrading the quality of your parts. The thermal studies are there to help you!

In addition to the filling analysis, which can represent a large majority of the rheological injection simulations, Moldex3D can also be used to optimize cycle time and therefore produce a maximum of parts quicker while guaranteeing parts quality.
In that end, the thermal studies simulate by Moldex3D allow to follow the cooling behavior of the mold, as well as the part. Several results are available in Moldex3D, especially the "Time to reach ejection temperature" output. As its name indicates, it allows one to visualize the areas of the part that require the longest core cooling time to reach the ejection temperature. From there, it is possible to determine the hot spots to be cooled in priority in order to reduce the waiting time before ejection.

Once the molds or parts have been optimized, a minimum cooling time will be opbtained that allows to guarantee the quality of your parts while the total cycle time is optimized!

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