iSLM - adequate and efficient data management
27. Jul 2022

iSLM - adequate and efficient data management


Do you want to capture the entire development process of a component, including specification, design and simulation right up to the mold tryout, and make this data available to team members at any time and from anywhere? Additionally, accelerate innovations and save administrative costs? Then the iSLM platform is the perfect solution!!!

Most enterprises are looking to integrate cloud platforms, big data and artificial intelligence (AI). In the traditional enterprise structure, different teams, departments and individuals may create different databases. However, the same data may have different revisions when stored in different places, leading to inconsistency in an organization's internal data. In addition, because the inconsistent data is difficult to share, problems can arise in maintaining continuous product development and resolving known development issues. The divergent data can be a major obstacle on the road to AI. Therefore, it is critical to store and manage large amounts of data with well-organized and visualized, effective information.

The iSLM platform includes a Knowledge Management (KM), which serves as a search system and allows the user whilst having different roles (e.g. designer, CAE engineer, toolmaker, salesman, ...) to quickly filter the previous component and tool developments based on the key classifications (industry, product and component), the tool materials, the component thickness and the tool volume. Users from different departments (development, simulation, sales, ...) can thus access a specific solution of a component or tool and obtain the information from the CAE analysis or tool sampling with the KM comparison functions. The developers can draw on previous experience during product development, so that the time required can be reduced and basic simulations can be saved. By comparing real production results, manufacturing parameter settings and simulation results, CAE engineers gain much more knowledge to achieve a better match of CAE parameter settings with the real world to optimize simulation or processes.

Due to the iSLM platform, companies can more efficiently manage all relevant data for a part and mold development process and integrate data from DFM, CAE, mold sampling and production. As a result, the quickly collected data can help achieve digital and virtual twin integration. In addition, the visualized data can enable better workflow and thus more efficient teamwork.

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