Make TWO out of ONE!
22. Mar 2023

Make TWO out of ONE!


You have a component that is too large for the installation space of a machine? No need to worry, we have the ideal solution for you - 4D_Additive. In the blink of an eye the innovative 3D printing software can separate your components ...

4D_Additive opens up completely new possibilities for components that are too large for the installation space of a machine, because these can be separated with different patterns such as T-shape, dovetail or puzzle-shaped in a simple and time-saving manner. In addition to the shape, the position can also be projected onto the model. The separation is automatic, so that two solid models are created, which can be perfectly joined together after printing.

Furthermore, analysis functions such as wall thickness and gap dimension checks help to optimize your parts. Additionally, CAD models can still be automatically analyzed with special inspection profiles regarding various 3D printing processes. 
Lattice geometries can also be calculated for lightweight construction and material savings. Especially for metal printing processes, support structures for manufacturing can be generated automatically in 4D_Additive.

To find out more details and to benefit from all the advantages that 4D_Additve has to offer please contact us: + 49 (0)241-565 276-0 or send an email to:

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