MCM injection molding– innovative combination of different materials
22. Feb 2023

MCM injection molding– innovative combination of different materials


By combining different materials into one component, various properties, such as electrically conductive/insulating, opaque/transparent or hard/tough, can be implemented at relevant points. By shifting the composite formation into the shaping process, these costly and time-consuming steps can be saved.

Multi-component injection molding offers the possibility to calculate complex geometries of the outer and inner molds as well as the joint area. Due to the high degree of automation, this process is also attractive for series production. The materials (plastics, ceramics, etc.) can be different, but should have some adhesion to each other if the finished part and its components require a firm connection to each other.

Multi-component injection-molded parts as well as overmolding, tool and parts depositors can be modeled and optimized with Moldex3D-MCM. The transfer of results from previous injection molding process simulations into a new simulation is easy. This enables a coupled calculation of the individual components - taking into account all thermal and mechanical effects. Interactions between the individual components can be analyzed in detail.

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