Simulation without a melt entry
22. Jun 2022

Simulation without a melt entry


Compression molding with Moldex3D - is that possible? Yes, it is!!! And in each new version of Moldex3D the functions improve and new possibilities arise.

The special module 'compression molding' enables the simulation of compression molding in Moldex3D. In comparison to injection molding it is not necessary to define a melt inlet but a compression area. The material that is to be pressed later is inserted into this compression area. The size and position of the inserted material is decisive for a functioning process. The optimal position and size can be determined via simulations with Moldex3D. Further process parameters such as temperatures, closing speed, clamping force can also be established or optimized. The continuous further developments in Moldex3D meanwhile also enable the meshing of complex compression areas and the application of the compression area on a mold insert. Transfer molding can also be simulated with Moldex3D.

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